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The Best Cupcake Fail Ever

I am utterly amused by the chain of events that just happened to me over the past hour and a half, and I figure the internet may get some laughs out of this, so here we go.

Today after reading a friend's Twitter update about wanting cupcakes, I found that I did too. As this wasn't long after I'd gotten home and settled in for the day, I sat and pondered whether or not I wanted cupcakes badly enough to go back out to the store, roughly four minutes away.

I calculated that overall, it would only take about twenty minutes, before I'd be back in my chair, lounging comfortably, plus one cupcake. In addition, I realized that the weather channel said it was supposed to be raining at that moment, but it wasn't. I took this as a sign from Mother Nature that she approved of my potential quest. But I was still so comfortable, and lazy, that I wasn't sold.

Then, I was informed that today is the start of Cupcake Week. Decision made.

In the first minute of my journey it began to rain, and traffic was so bad that the remaining three minutes of the trip became ten. I began to wonder if the universe was sending me mixed signals about whether or not I should have left the house. However, once I reached my destination, I was delighted to discover that there were two cupcakes with Batman rings nestled in the frosting. This was, of course, entirely awesome.

I called my mother to ask if she liked cupcakes. She said no, so I told her I'd get my sister one, and drop it off in her room as a Cupcake Week surprise. I'd left some of my birthday cake in her freezer and wanted to pick it up, too. She said it was very thoughtful of me, and told me to be careful not to set off her alarm. I hung up, purchased the cupcakes, stole the ring off the one for my sister, and went to the house.

Once there, I turned the car off, grabbed the cupcake for her, and started to reach for my phone. I'm the kind of girl who is within six feet of her phone at all times, so this was a habit. However, I decided that it couldn't take more than two minutes to go in and drop off the cupcake, so I left it on the seat and got out, automatically locking the car door as I closed it.

I spent the next five minutes staring plaintively through the driver's side window at my keys and phone, hanging out together in the passenger seat. The key to that house was, of course, on the ring with my car keys. The key to my house, a fifteen-minute walk from there, was also on that ring. This left me stranded at an empty house whose residents wouldn't be home for hours, unable to call anyone to come help me, with nothing but a brightly-colored cupcake on my person.

After pacing up and down the driveway in pure disbelief for another five minutes, I used the garage door's code to enter the garage, seeking the secondary fridge kept in there. It seemed like a safe place for a cupcake, and the idea of going to the neighbor's house with a pitiful story and a pretty little cupcake seemed so hilariously ridiculous I decided against it. Once the cupcake was safely stored away, I noticed the door from the garage to the backyard. Suddenly hoping my mother might keep a spare key hidden out there, I opened the door, which earned me a screaming tirade from her alarm system. To turn it off I would have had to enter the house and input the code.

My mother's neighbor tried not to laugh as I used his phone to call my father, who arrived ten minutes later. He used his spare key to unlock my car and went on his way, while I fetched the keys from the car and returned to the garage, determined to properly finish my cupcake delivery. I called my mother to explain why she had probably been called by her alarm company, and entered the house, under the assumption that, surely, since the alarm had already gone off and the light above the garage was already flashing, the alarm would not be triggered again.

Thirty seconds later, my mother was screaming alarm code numbers at me over the siren shrieking in my ears.

By the time I finally left, mourning the birthday cake that had mysteriously vanished from the freezer, it had been over an hour since I'd left my cozy chair. Fortunately the rain earlier had stopped after just a few minutes, so I wasn't wet, and was able to immediately resume lounging when I got home. Since then, I've been trying to decide if, overall, I regretted leaving the house. Traffic was bad, but there was no line at the store. Getting locked out was balanced by not being locked out in the rain, and not being stuck there very long. All in all, it was pretty much a tie.

Then I remembered the remaining cupcake, and the fact that I now own two dinky plastic Batman rings. If given the chance, I think I'd do it all again.

Deep Inside There is a Soul

Lawl A23.

Soo, back home after three and a half weeks of friend tiems. XD Pretty much been ignoring the internet in all that time, which is so odd for me.

So anyway, so many potentially fun movies coming out zaumgh-- and the new Layton game soon, as iTunes just decided to remind me. 8] Already pre-ordered it at GameStop, I love that shit.

Flip came and works quite nicely. 8] So many fun vids, wee.

Uh.. Yeh. >_> I don't have much to say actually. Looking forward to the animated 9, not to be confused with the other Nine movie coming out in November, and why they decided to release the two only a couple months apart is beyond me, I'm guessing no one noticed or no one realized it'd confuse people..


Wouldn't surprise me if that date was pushed back, but STILL ZAUMGH.

Aand now I have Giovanni's "It Will All Be Mine" in my head. From the Pokemon Live musical, heh. >_>;;;; Aand now I'm thinking of this one dude.

Oughta clean my room.. Among other things.

Why is my calculator near my foot? >_>;;



Reading customer reviews on Amazon for my new camcorder thing. 8] They're all pretty positive.

Mostly reading them to try to figure out how long one set of AAs will keep the thing running. Only mention I've seen about that so far is "Btw, it drains the battery really fast, so you might want to consider bringing spares." I was planning to keep spares on hand anyway, but I'd like to find an estimate for how long one set of AAs will last. e_e

I find I do prefer the AA thing, though, because I can bring those around with me, rather than having to be near an outlet or computer to recharge the thing.

Ah, second mention of battery life, "Batteries last a reasonable time." e_e Damn it people, I want a number of minutes/hours of continual use before the thing dies.

Mention three, "It also automatically powers off after about a minute of inactivity, which is great for saving battery power. While we're on the subject of battery power, I am impressed by how much recording time the Flip can get out of a pair of AA batteries (you can also purchase a "Flip Ultra Rechargeable Battery Pack" separately, that I imagine lasts longer than AAs)." FUCKING GIVE ME A NUMBER. T_T This sounds good but I still want a goddamn continual-use estimate.

"In addition to the ease of use, the Flip also keeps a running count of how much recording time remains on its memory, so you know exactly how many minutes are left. When a video is replayed on the camera, it also lets you know how long that video is." AWESOME. I was wondering how to keep track of how many minutes of the two recording hours I had left.

Meh, reviews ovar. Ah well, I'll be bringing spare batteries around with me anyway. >_>

Augh so excited holy fuck. I opted for two-day shipping for ten bucks, I want this thing noww but I have to wait until Friday. X_X I WANT IT NOWWWW. Thinking I won't even get another disposable camera, if I want to take a picture I can just click and unclick the recording button for half a second. >_>

Only ten minutes left in here. X_X Wanna go hoooome. Need to do the virtual orientation for UCF, though I don't fucking see why, I've been on this campus for two years, think I can figure out where shit is. T_T Also need to do the EduPsych movie analysis, which should be easy enough, gonna get started on that today, hopefully finish it tomorrow.

Just downed a Full Throttle, abstained for like two weeks so hopefully it'll work well to keep me up today, so much to do, so little sleep gotten last night. XD

Gotta pee like woah. TMI, I know. XD

AAAAHH EXCITED. Gonna sign off now. x]Mwee!


Pretty Soon They'll Come to Get Me..

Metro went swimmingly. 8]

Now my friend's coming back for two weeks, starting Sunday, and I'm so excited I could pee.

Also, just got a camcorder, finally. Been wanting one on and off for years rly, since the sister unit got her old video camera eons ago. >_> Never got off my ass about it until recently, and even then, couldn't find what I was looking for, until just now. 8] Thing will be on my doorstep by Friday.

Gonna do soooo much these next two weeks, zaumgah.

Starting with sleeping now, because.. I am weary, and must be awake at nine. XD Woo.


Andy Cosplay Progress:

+Neck bow thing
+Gloves: one done/one remaining
+Buttons: cut, hem, attach to body (1/8)

Fucking shit yeah, almost done. e.e Think I need to nark a few hours now.

Oh, and Weather.com is showing scattered showers and highs in the low-nineties for virtually the entirety of Tampa. e.e Fuck. Ah well, has umbrella, and most of our shit is indoors. I just hope this doesn't fuck with the Zoo.


Andy Cosplay Progress:

+Neck bow thing
+Gloves: one done/one remaining
+Shirt: cut and hem sleeves, twelve red, five and a half blue done/one and a halfish blue remaining
+Body: measure, cut, stitch together, hem pantcuffs, hem top
+Buttons: cut, hem, attach to body

Matter of hours now. X_@ About twenty-five and a half, actually.


It's So Magical, We'd Be So Fantastical..

Andy Cosplay Progress:

+Neck bow thing
+Gloves: one done, one remaining
+Shirt: cut and hem sleeves, twelve red, four blue done, threeish blue remaining
+Neckbit: cut out, hem, attach to shirt
+Body: measure, cut, stitch together, hem pantcuffs and top
+Buttons: cut, hem, attach to body
+Legbits cut out, convert shirt to leggings, add stripes (4x)



Papa, Paparazzi..

Apparently mainstream "pop"-ish music is becoming more dance/trance/techno-like. 8] It's ruvree.

Got my immunization form for UCF done today, will be getting a copy this weekend and mailing it out Monday. Apply for a virtual orientation the last week of June, see an adviser, and then on July 6th I'll be able to register for classes. 8] Noo idea what I'm taking rly. XD Gonna look into classes after seeing an adviser and asking.

Also, owe mother dearest twenty bucks for express shipping on a replacement phone charger/battery. e.e Worth it, to make sure it's here before Tampa tiems.

NOW! Regarding the Andy cosplay.

+Neck bow thing
+Gloves [1/2 done]
+Shirt [cut and hem sleeves, add stripes, attach to body]
+Neckbit [cut out, hem, attach to shirt]
+Body [measure, cut, stitch together]
+Buttons [cut, hem, attach (8x)]
+Legbits [cut out, add stripes, attach somehow]

I have much to do. e.e SOHOHO MUCH!! All of it relatively simple, the body's just making me nervous. But it must be done. AND THUS. ::starts body::


Goddamning Fuck Hell SHIT.

-_- Got it to turn on twice, both times it shut right the fuck off again right after. I'd say the battery's dead, which is just great because the thing fucking showed all five bars of power and I just recharged the motherfucker YESTERDAY. So yes, my phone's battery is definitely fucked. Need to get that fixed before Tampa. Goddamn it. Least it happened when there's still time to fix it. -.- Ugh.. Shall tell mother dearest, plz to be calling phone people and getting me a new battery..

Quizzin' tiems.

::regains laptop:: Diffusion and hypertonic, ftw. Parroted the shit exactly as he wrote it on the notes, but I bet he'll knock off a couple points anyway because what I parroted wasn't word-for-word what he said the answers were just now, he included the word "solute" a couple times where the notes didn't. Bet he'll knock off a couple points for that, just because he can. -_- Prick.

Auhh phone thing still bothering me.. Just fucking said I couldn't get along without the fucking thing and now it's dead. T_T Awesome.

Think I'm gonna look up more Metro directions while I'm online. Buhh phone.. x_x Meh.

2:25 PM EDIT

Looked into Drag Me to Hell reviews. The commercials pissed me off because it looked like a FUCKING HORRIBLE horror movie, playing on old-ass cliches and such, but now that I'm looking it up, apparently it's SUPPOSED to be a fun/campy thriller thing, not a serious horror movie. THAT makes much more sense, judging it as a horror movie = oh my god, fucking horrible. Judging it as so-bad-it's-funny, campy-thriller = can't tell from commercial, but reviews say it works. So I might watch it. Thing has a 93% on RT, which I've come to trust well enough.. Think I'll give it a chance.

Bluhh the lecture of this class is so loooong..

Got a lot done with the hat today, but that's about it rly. >_> Well, finished up the closet basically, gonna move the chair in there and set up the cosplay thing tomorrow. Also need to do the EduPsych topic, goddamn.

Hat is coming along so well though. x] Mwee. Getting the blue sewn on today, only have a bit more of it done, then adding the strip of white will be much easier/faster, and then attaching the yarn will be the easiest. Should have it done tomorrow.

That and the aforementioned things should fill up the day nicely. 8] Then the rest of the EduPsych work Sunday, along with getting the body of the outfit started.

Eleven days..!!



For those who don't know, here's the deal: I go by Rocket, named for my first cosplay as a Team Rocket Grunt who caught Pikachu. This journal basically is for me to keep track of cosplay and AMV progress, as well as NaNo things when the season is right.

8] Enjoy.

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